Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Find the Right Talent?

In the tight, employee-focused labour market North America is currently in, finding the right talent can be difficult. Employers are discovering that to attract talent, they have to increase benefit and compensation offerings. Many employers are looking to fill jobs left by workers participating in The Great Resignation, of which some have permanently retired from the workforce. In other words, the record amount of job vacancies in Canada and the United States is likely here to stay, and the task of finding talent is likely to pose difficult for employers.

As finding new workers is already so difficult, finding the “right talent” may seem like an even higher task. This worker is one that fits your organization and the needs of the job perfectly – one who wants to stay and grow with the company, long term. To achieve success in the face of such challenging prospects, your recruiting team might need the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence needs humans

When we say Artificial Intelligence, we’re not talking about HAL 9000 or the robots from The Jetsons (not yet at least!). We’re talking about various tools, especially SaaS programs, which allow your recruiting team to do what they do best. 

It’s important to emphasize that, because AI tools cannot operate successfully in a vacuum, they need humans behind them. Like any product, AI recruitment tools are not all created equally. A Harvard Business School study found that 88% of employers believe that candidates qualified for the jobs they applied to were being filtered out by the company’s screening software. The human element – your recruiting team – are not just the most important suers of your AI tools, but their most important critics.

Recruiting AI helps at every stage of the hiring process

The right AI Recruiting tool can help your organization at every stage, right from candidates applying to your job opening, to selecting who you will hire from a pool of qualified candidates. Roughly, an AI-enhanced recruiting process would look like this:

  1. Application Stage: Candidates apply, and your AI program would screen and rank all candidates
  2. Interview Stage:  Remote interviews are the norm, and the right AI program can help you make the most of them. AI can review the speech patterns of interviewees, and help gather all interview inputted data on candidates for a nice digital notebook to help make your decision.
  3. The selection stage: AI can gather the inputs at every stage of the decision, and provide you insights and comparative tools to help make your decision. In addition, AI recruitment software coming with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) features is increasingly common, and can help make sure you are supporting initiative towards bias-free recruiting. 

Of course, AI products can vary quite a bit, and your exact experience may not match the above. Despite that variance, it is important to remember that AI can help you record information, sort through that information, and then provide you insights to help make your final decision.

Hurry Up: your competition is using AI

AI recruiting solutions are already becoming common, to the point that they’ll become a necessity for the modern company. In 2022, 63% of companies are planning to invest in AI recruiting software, about 21% higher than 2020. If you want to be among the best in finding talent in these hard-to-recruit times, AI will be necessary. Finding the right AI can make your recruiters more productive, your talent search more efficient, and a recruiting process that works for management, recruiters, and candidates. Join the 64% of companies adding AI to their recruiting process, and stay ready to get the best talent in 2022.

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